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Things to do in Gainesville

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For those thinking of moving to Gainesville there are a number of things our small city has to offer its residents.  While many people move here because of the University of Florida, there are a number of things to do beyond student life.  From bustling neighborhoods with shopping centers, museums, restaurants to a vibrant nightlife scene, there is plenty to do within the confines of the city. For those more inclined to appreciating nature, Jacksonville is surrounded  by a number of state parks, natural features and even wineries that allow for a relaxing escape outside of the city.

University of Florida
With the University of Florida being the heartbeat of the city, there are a large number of events within the city that revolve around campus life.  From football games at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, commonly referred to as “The Swamp,” to the activities of the “Gator Growl” for homecoming, Gator Pride is a big part of our city.  There are also a number of student organized events that seek to keep the local community more involved in the university.  When you hire us to help you find your apartment in Gainesville, we are here to help you enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Downtown Gainesville
When it comes to daytime activities in Gainesville, the downtown area is the place to be to relax and experience some of the city’s offerings.  From shopping centers and small shops to bars and restaurants, there is no shortage of entertainment in this area.  Featuring the Hippodrome Theater that is a popular location for plays and other forms of theater has something for everyone.  There is also the popular Union Street Farmers Market that’s perfect for those looking for fresh local ingredients for their kitchen.  We also have a number of apartments available in this area, making it perfect the perfect location for anyone looking for a lively neighborhood.

State Parks
For those that love nature, Florida has a lot to offer in the way of natural parks and features, that are bound to impress outdoor lovers from every location.  From Lake Alice to Ichetucknee Springs  to Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, that is the only state park in a sinkhole - there are endless places to explore just outside the city.  We are also closely located to the Sweetwater Wetlands Park that allows you to see the local flora and fauna in their natural setting.  From any of our Gainesville apartment locations these parks are only a few hours drive, with stunning views and fresh air.

Activities and Events
Living in Gainesville, our renters are always impressed with the number of options they have when it comes to fun and entertainment.  From bars and restaurants to nature and university functions, there’s always something to keep you occupied.  There are also several annual festivals that span a range of interests, as well as a planetarium and museums including the Florida Natural History Museum.  For those interested in fast cars, we also have the Gainesville Raceway that hosts events throughout the year.  There are even wineries located just outside the city that are perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway.

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