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Home Staging Services

affordable home staging services

When you’re a landlord renting your apartment, home staging can be the perfect way to entice buyers, and help prevent costly vacancies. With Gainesville Apartments for rent, we provide the home staging services that you need to keep your units occupied with quality renters.  Providing personalized assistance that caters to the needs of your intended clients, our experts will customize our setups to the needs of your property.  From student rentals to families and professionals, we have the knowledge and tools to help you improve your occupancy rates.  Not only will your apartment look great, but your tenants will be happy with their new home.

Home Staging
For property owners throughout our area, home staging offers a unique way to attract more customers to your location, giving them an idea of their future home.  With our home staging services for Gainesville apartments, we appeal to your client base whether you’re looking for college students or professionals in our area.  Applying our years of experience in appealing to your target market, we create a more welcoming environment with a finished look that appeals to renters through the area.  Providing a custom consultation that allows us to understand your goals for the space, you’ll see high rates of occupancy throughout the year.

Personalized Assistance
In the practice of home staging, we don’t believe that there’s a one size fits all solution for everyone, which is why we provide personalized assistance that’s tailored to your needs.  Whether you’re catering to off campus student housing, or families that are looking to settle down, our staging will reflect your target audience.  With our services, we help you find renters and fill vacancies faster, with carefully arranged decor that shows that your property is well cared for and maintained.  Whether you’re showing an apartment with current inhabitants or a new bare bones space that needs sprucing up, we will get your rental where it needs to be to have more renters.

Student Rentals
As a landlord in Gainesville, students are some of the most common renters, with the market having a lot of potential due to the University of Florida’s presence within the city.  For those looking to appeal to students there are a number of factors that they look for, and we know how to add the finishing touches that appeal to their tastes.  Creating spaces that feel homey and comfortable, our clients see increased occupancy rates, with students appreciating the little details.  From one bedroom apartments to large multi-bedroom spaces, we have the knowledge and equipment that enhances your rental spaces.

Non-Student Rentals
While the student market dominates the rental landscape in Gainesville, we also provide home staging assistance for non-student apartments throughout the city.  Because apartments near the University of Florida are known for student occupants, when you’re trying to appeal to families and professionals you need your space to deliver a more finished look.  Ensuring that the space is immaculate with the finishing details that make it more clean and comfortable, we help you attract the tenants that you’re looking for your type of rental.  In working with us, you’ll be gaining an edge over your competition in a competitive rentals market.

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