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Apartments Near The University of Florida

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For students attending the University of Florida, finding an apartment can be an important part of setting yourself up for success.  At Gainesville Apartments for Rent, our professionals are here to help you find the apartment you’ve been looking for, providing the assistance that you need every step of the way.  From selecting the right neighborhoods to finding the apartments that match your budget, we have a wide range of options that will help you feel more comfortable during your studies.  With a number of amenities available that make off campus living more appealing, we are here to help you get into the place you’ve been searching for.

Student Assistance
As Gainesville residents ourselves, we know that student life is an important part of our city - which is why we have services that are geared towards the needs of local students.  With dozens of apartments located close to campus, we are guaranteed to have an apartment that will make you happy.  From short term leases for single semesters and summer courses, to long term leases for the duration of your studies, we will match you with the perfect location.  Also advising on when to start your rental agreement in relation to semester start and finish dates, we are here to make apartment rentals as easy as possible for UF students.

Available Apartments
When it comes to selecting the right apartment for your studies, we have the full range of apartment options that you need to fulfill your qualifications.  From single bedroom apartments to large apartments with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, we take all of your requirements into consideration before presenting you a selection of viable options.  Even including listings that have private bathrooms for individual tenants, we have options for every request and price point.  Also including additional amenities from cable and internet to washers and dryers and home furnishings we are here to make your moving process as simple as possible.

Neighborhood Guides
For those that are new to Jacksonville, our local experts are here to help you better understand your new community.  From lively Midtown and Downtown areas, to the quieter South and West areas of Gainesville we listen to your requests and match your needs with the right locations.  Providing location and lifestyle guidance throughout the renting process, we are here to help you better appreciate your neighborhood and the things it has to offer.  Whether you’re looking for apartments near The Swamp or something in walking distance of campus, we will help you find the perfect place for your lifestyle.

Benefits of Off Campus Living
Finding the right place to live during your time at UF can be a big decision, and we are here to help you make a more informed choice.  There are a number of benefits to living off campus, which is why finding an apartment is a popular choice for many students.  From having more privacy and a private bathroom, to amenities like washers and dryers and cable tv, being off campus can make you feel more comfortable and more at home.  In addition, being away from the dorms or other campus living can help create a more quiet environment that removes distractions and creates a better place to study.

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